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Daily Doings

September 25th, 2006 at 05:19 am

Where did the weekend go? Had so many things I wanted to accomplish and did just about zilch around the house. Worked most of the weekend and collapsed into bed at nite. Upkeep of the house by the rest of the family was minimal but, still doable and not quite so overwhelming as usual.

Never put down my goals for this week. Planned on doing that Sunday evenings. Just need to readjust to this evening. Ended up grocery shopping at 10 pm last nite at Wegmans. Stuck to the outer aisles and a few boxes of pasta. Bill came to $40 and should get me through Thursday with what I have on hand. Normal grocery bill for the 6 of us is around $150 per week. Definately one of my goals this week to cut that way down.

Working both jobs today but will be depositing all of the change collected from last week into bank account.

average day today

September 23rd, 2006 at 04:51 pm

groceries 9.34
household-vacuum bags on e-bay 13.74
samples filled out 5/ 0 received today

Worked at the hospital this morning doing pictures and spent the afternoon at the field watching my daughter cheerleading.

Tired when we got home and would usually dial 1-800-PizzaHut but, not today. We have more than enough in the pantry to feed an army. Kids started to complain and I really did not want to hear it sooooo...I took a nice long bubblebath. By the time I was done, everyone had scrounged up dinner and I was much more relaxed. Much better than dropping $40.00 at the local pizza parlour. All in all, a good day.

Little by Little

September 22nd, 2006 at 07:14 pm

1 free sample arrived
3 signed up for
0 bills in the mail
Gift given $22.00 sis in law b-day
Household $15.00 ck 2 lu for chorale exp

For years I have made excuses as to why I never have enough cash. There is no one to blame but myself, and I am the only one capable of changing the situation.

It seems as if I have been stagnant for quite some time. Not only in the finance department but, other areas of my life. Having large debt seems so overwhelming and therefore, I have no desire to start to come up with a remedy. So I have just stayed put and "let things take their own course".

But, these last few days I've chosen to make the time to reflect upon not just the big things that I am faced with but, all of the little things that I haven't really noticed and in the long run can help me achieve my goal of being debt free. Little things I do everyday will not immediately fix the situation but, everyday, little by little, I can achieve small successes. I just need to take a good look around....

~returning all of the cans and bottles that have been sitting in the garage from the summer cookouts
~shopping at Aldis
~collect all the the items I purchased and have not used and return them to the store (4)
~cleaning out the change in the bottom of my purse-much lighter
~digging change out of the couch cushions...my 7 year old liked this game but, I don't necessarily want to mention all of the yucky items we found
~told kids if rooms not picked up by the time they left for school this morning I was going in and collecting any change in purses,under beds, and in pants pockets. If they have not bothered to deposit it, then they wouldn't miss it. YAHOOO!!!! I found $20.40 and this game is 10 times more fun than digging in the couches. I figure it can be a payment for having to lug downstairs some of the laundry that needs to be washed. They still have to clean their rooms when they get home from school!!!

Any little bit helps to reduce the debt and fun and laughter CAN make the load a little lighter.

Little Steps at a Time

September 21st, 2006 at 12:29 pm

I currently photograph all of the newborn babies up at the local hospital and offer the moms picture packages. Usually work Fri-Mon so that my husband can care for the kids on weekends. Awesome job and many times it doesn't even seem like I am working. Unfortunately, it is commission only. The counts have been way down and so is my pay.

I'm actually proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone. The rest of my week is time to myself. It is endless loads of laundry, cooking, and cleaning. Spotted a help wanted sign while doing errands around town. Stopped in and introduced myself, talked to the owner and applied for the job. I was hired on the spot. I know nothing about candymaking but, am willing to learn. It is a family owned candy company and 5 minutes from my house. It is from 9-12 M-f and quite a bit more than I thought the pay would be. I get paid 2x a month doing pictures and now this will be another contribution to the family budget on a weekly basis. A short shift everyday seems much more doable to me and will still allow me to be here for the family. I'm very excited and start on Monday. Haven't told the family yet.

Day 1

September 20th, 2006 at 06:06 pm

The only one we are accountable to is ourselves. It is about time I face the facts and realize just how in debt we are. My husband, by choice, wants nothing to do with the any of the financial aspects of our everyday living.

We were married young, had kids right away, both finished college with no debt, rented a year and then bought our first house...and have moved 2 more times. I was married, got pregnant right away, in my last year of college, and was not legal to drink. Crazy....YES... but if I had the chance to change anything I wouldn't. It has been a wonderful journey so far.

Neither of us growing up were taught how to set up a budget and Asavings program. Finances were never discussed. Heck, I couldn't even fill out a check when we were first married. At a slow and steady pace we have dug ourselves into debt. Some I consider good and some bad. The blessing of staying home 20 years with the kids, medical bills that have finally been paid off......a beautiful home that I let my husband talk me into knowing it would be a struggle with 4 kids to upkeep.

At this point I need to move forward and learn from past mistakes. I honestly think that is what led me to this blog. Knowing that there are others in the same situation as I am and looking for the positives. Instead of griping all the time......physically do something,anything, to get out of my funk.