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Daily Doings

September 25th, 2006 at 05:19 am

Where did the weekend go? Had so many things I wanted to accomplish and did just about zilch around the house. Worked most of the weekend and collapsed into bed at nite. Upkeep of the house by the rest of the family was minimal but, still doable and not quite so overwhelming as usual.

Never put down my goals for this week. Planned on doing that Sunday evenings. Just need to readjust to this evening. Ended up grocery shopping at 10 pm last nite at Wegmans. Stuck to the outer aisles and a few boxes of pasta. Bill came to $40 and should get me through Thursday with what I have on hand. Normal grocery bill for the 6 of us is around $150 per week. Definately one of my goals this week to cut that way down.

Working both jobs today but will be depositing all of the change collected from last week into bank account.

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